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ELENA VAI, Università di Bologna

Publié le 15 septembre 2021 Mis à jour le 4 janvier 2022

INCORPOREAL CITIES. From creative cities to the commoning design of engaged communities


le 4 février 2022

La conférence se déroulera en ligne. Pour s'inscrire : af@parisnanterre.fr

Bâtiment Ida Maier (V)

The conference will focus on time, processes, practices and tools of design, expressed in the designed events as agents of transformation in relation to the individual, the community and the territory. The context is the contemporary city affected by a process of continuous mutation, due to the economic and financial crisis since 2007 onward, and transformed by the effects of digital enabling technologies, whose changing condition has now amplified by the Coronavirus epidemic. More precisely, the great crisis of financial capitalism has deprived public administrations of resources and policies to support top-down urban transformation, while enabling technologies have accelerated and disabled the traditional processes of relationships between subjects. Furthermore, the current crisis is encouraging the migration of social behaviors from the natural environment to the virtual environment, replacing the physical space-time experience of the city within the digital experience, at the advantage of incorporeal.

Discutant / Adrien Freney

Mis à jour le 04 janvier 2022