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Thinking in Common .Community in the Global Era

2021 / dir. par Pascale Cohen Avenel, Lucia Quaquarelli

Publié le 14 janvier 2022 Mis à jour le 14 janvier 2022

Peter Lang, Bruxelles 2021

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This interdisciplinary volume brings together articles by researchers in the humanities and the social sciences analyzing the emergence of communities in the age of globalisation. The different contributions deal with the complex network of cultural, political and symbolic spaces that coalesce around commonly held causes or interests and examine ways in which these sets of connections impact on their members’ everyday lives, shaping attitudes and behaviours which transcend (or at least claim to transcend) the limits of the nation state, creating common spaces, communities, or at times both.

Pour plus d'informations : https://www.peterlang.com/document/1114384

Mis à jour le 14 janvier 2022